How do I place my order?

Online Order:

Placing your order at LOGOWRENCH is as easy as 1-2-3. Just select the desired package and click/tap on 'Order Now'. Complete a small form and make payment via Credit Card.

Place Your Order Via Call/Live Chat:

You can also reach our design consultant through live chat or calling our hotline anytime. Our consultant will guide you about all packages and help you select the appropriate one as per your needs and budget. S/he will also help you in making payments.

When do you start working on my project?

Once we get your request and payment, we will start working on your project.

What are the payment methods?

You can make payments at LOGOWRENCH via following means:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Debit Card

What can I do if I have queries?

For any query you have or any sort of detail regarding our services you want, we are our customer support services ready 24x7 to help you. Right after the customers place an order at LOGOWRENCH, a dedicated account is created for them. You will be communicated through that account and all the details will be discussed via this medium.

How long does it take to get initial concepts?

LOGOWRENCH usually takes around 24 - 48 hours to prepare the initial concepts. For urgent projects, we can offer a quicker delivery within 24 hours. The initial draft will be uploaded in your “my account” area.

What if I don't like the initial draft proposed to me?

You can either request a revision or ask for a refund. For further details, read our refund policy section. You can ask for unlimited revisions until the design meets your satisfaction, but once you order for a revision, you can not get refund policy. Moreover, you can also upgrade your current package for additional concepts and add-ons.

Can you revise my current company logo?

Yes, we can redesign your current logo as per your ideas and needs. Whether you want us to completely redesign the logo and just a few tweaks, we are always ready for you.

How many revisions can I have In a logo redesign package?

To keep our customers completely satisfied, we will make unlimited changes/revisions so that you can stay satisfied with your logo design.

Do I get copyrights for the final designs?

As soon as the final files are ready all charged are paid, LOGOWRENCH will provide you complete ownership and copyrights for the end-product. Before the completion of the project, LOGOWRENCH will hold all copyrights and ownership.

How do I get the final design?

We upload the final designs in your “account area” from where you can easily download all the designs, easily. Moreover, we will also mail you the final design files if required.

Can I share some design I like for reference?

Yes – in our questionnaire for design brief, we usually ask for a design that you have in mind for your design. You can either attach the files in the correspondence mail or you can tell us about the specific shape or design you like.

What can I do if I have queries?

For any query you have or any sort of detail regarding our services you want, we are our customer support services ready 24x7 to help you. Right after the customers place an order at LOGOWRENCH, a dedicated account is created for them. You will be communicated through that account and all the details will be discussed via this medium.

How many can I revise my marketing collaterals?

By 100% satisfaction guarantee we mean that you’ll enjoy unlimited rounds of revisions –until you are delighted with the final design..

Will I receive editable designs?

Yes – in the end of the project, we will provide you with the final files in various formats ideal to be used for editing, print and digital use.

Can you print the designs for me?

Yes, we can either handle the printing process for you or if you ask we can just send you the print-ready files so that you can get them printed by your preferred printers.

How long my website project takes to complete?

The time taken for completion of fully functional website varies. Custom designing phase can take around 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the layout and the number of revisions employed. Whereas the development phase usually takes an extra 1 - 6 weeks. This depends on the pages of website, and the functionality used on the back-end.

Which Technology Do You Support?

We master in using XHTML, CSS and Flash. Besides this, we are also experienced with DHTML, XML, PHP, JavaScript, and others. This means there's not anything we are unable to do.

When will I get the initial mock up designs?

After placing your order, we work on your project and it takes around 24 - 48 hours to complete the initial look of your design. We can rush up the design for the urgent projects and try to complete it within 24 hours.

What if the initial mock – up designs?

Like other design services, you can either ask for revisions or go for a refund. For further details on refund, read our refund policy. If you choose to get our unlimited revisions offer, you can get the refund policy. You can choose to upgrade your package for other new concepts and features.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)? What is CMS based website?

A content management system is a set of applications and tools to help you seamlessly create, edit and post electronic text. With CMS based website, there is no need to be a techie or have any programming knowledge.

What is E–commerce website?

E–commerce provides you a platform to sell or buy products over the Internet. We create basic and feature rich E–commerce websites to increase your business yields.

What is the difference between basic eCommerce site and feature-rich one?

In a basic E – Commerce website, you can sell your products with the basic functionalities. While a feature rich e – commerce website is full of advanced features for your online store.

Do I get domain registration and hosting services along with the packages?

Yes, you can get domain registration and hosting services as well from us. We also offer domain registration in all our packages for free.

Why do I need explainer videos?

Explainer video allows you to convey your message in the form of moving videos that are far more effective than simple images. It helps your brand to amplify sales and increase conversion rates.

Who hosts the video?

You have two options to choose your video; first is our channels, that are YouTube or Vimeo. Second is, you can host it on your site.

When will I get my video?

A standard 1 – 3 mins video takes around 4 to 6 weeks to get completed. In some cases, the time can get extended to two months for completion. We suggest you to order your video two months before your product launch or marketing campaign.

Do you assign me with a voice–over artist too?

Yes, we can provide you with different voice samples – including different accent and both genders – so that you can make the choice easily. Otherwise, you can also use your own voice-over artist.

How an explainer video is priced?

There are basically three factors that regulate the video price; first one is its style/type i.e. infographic, cartoon, screencast, whiteboard, etc; second is the language you want for the video; and lastly the third is complexity and detailing of the video.

Can I order my video in multiple languages?

Yes! you can, but it will take around two weeks more to complete the video, as the translation of voice–over script, recording of the translated voice over and the editing adjustments is a very critical stage. Also, this whole process will be charged separately.

Do I get HD videos?

Yes, the videos we deliver are in 1080 HD Quality.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM)is advertising your brand to social media users using social networks.

How quick are the outcomes of my SMM techniques?

It depends on your business niche. The more engaged your audience is, the better will be your social campaign’s response. Results may take a few weeks, months or even years; it all depends on how active you are on the social media.

Which social media website is most effective?

Twitter, Facebook and Google + are the best mediums to engage your social media prospects. These mediums cost almost zero to reach your prospective customers.

Have an initial idea for your project?

Our consultants will work with you to translate into a million dollar venture